Banks offers loans for pensioners.

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Pensioners earn a regular income from the statutory pension insurance and at the same time often receive further benefits from private or company pension funds. The current generation of pensioners is significantly more reliable than the average of the population with regard to the proper management of their financial obligations, so that only a few pensioners have forfeited negative Credit Bureau entries. Even simple reminders are mostly embarrassing for seniors and avoid their receipt by punctual payments. However, financial institutions are often reluctant to lend to retirees.

The special credit risk for pensioners

The special credit risk for pensioners

Even if the average life expectancy increases regularly, financial institutions see a loan for a pensioner as a risk that their customer will die during the loan period. This fear is primarily aimed at retirees and less against early retirees because of an incapacity to work or work and increases with the increasing age of the loan applicant. The chances of getting a loan for pensioners increase if you take out installment protection insurance. As an alternative to credit insurance, an heir can vouch for the loan repayment.

Guarantees of relatives are generally legally binding if they are limited to the death and the sum of the guarantees is not higher than the expected share of the estate. In some cases, credit institutions reject the desired loan for the pensioner as a result of insufficient income to repay the loan.

Such loan refusals are based primarily on the fact that many insurers pay out private supplementary pensions once every quarter and not monthly. Since not all banks take into account payments received at monthly intervals other than monthly, pensioners with additional earnings paid quarterly choose a banking institution that evaluates them with the monthly average as a credit contract partner.

Personal loans for pensioners

Personal loans for pensioners

As an alternative to bank loans, loans for pensioners can be taken out via a personal loan brokerage website. The corresponding platforms bring together loan seekers and private investors. The latter do not want to entrust their money to a bank, but deliberately grant loans for purposes that they recognize as worthy of support. Precisely because conventional commercial banks are reluctant to give loans to pensioners, many private lenders prefer this group of people.

For a successful loan request on the platforms for brokering private loans, a description of the intended use by the pensioner is as precise as possible, since the use of funds is also one of the central decision criteria for subscribing a loan request by private individuals.

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